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First time tenants are prone to making some mistakes that can not only make living uncomfortable, but costly. If you or your college aged student will be moving into their own off campus apartment while attending the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, here are 6 tips to keep in mind.

Financial Tips for First Time Apartment Dwellers

• Look for apartments that offer individual housing contracts. Most college students end up having roommates to share expenses. This is a practical move and it can work quite well, as long as students sign individual housing contracts. Problems can arise when one family signs a housing contract, and roommates either don’t pay their share each month, or perhaps drop out. Therefore, individual housing contracts solve this problem. Each student only makes a financial commitment for their share of the installment payments. This is an important factor for people who are living in their first apartments to consider. So, live where they offer individual housing contracts.

• Make sure apartments are located close to campus. What good is saving a few dollars on installment payments if it is going to cost you in time and fuel? It’s all the better if the apartments are located within walking distance of campus.

• Look for apartments with recreational amenities. Many first-time tenants underestimate how much time they will spend in their apartment and how much they will spend in the search for activities elsewhere. Having recreational activities included in an apartment community can save you considerably on entertainment and recreational costs.

Comfort Related Tips for First Time Apartment Tenants

• Consider privacy when selecting your apartment. Sharing space with like-minded individuals may initially sound like fun, but if you don’t have enough privacy, that can dissipate quickly. Looking for apartments with private bedrooms and even private baths can help in this area. You should also insure the apartment building is made of quality material so loud neighbors are less of a disturbance.

• Yes, it’s alright to have a little luxury in your life. Many first time apartment dwellers believe that they must sacrifice comfort. The fact is, if you are uncomfortable in your apartment, it will ultimately have an effect on schoolwork. Don’t be afraid to consider apartments that may offer a few more conveniences and amenities. It can make all the difference in your college career.

• Give strong consideration to apartments that have on-site management. There is comfort in knowing a building manager is accessible in case there are any problems. Many first-time tenants underestimate the value of this.

The Standard at Knoxville

The Standard at Knoxville is luxury student apartment living that addresses these issues and more. We are walkable to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and offer individual housing contracts. Recreational opportunities abound including a resort-style pool, game room, coffee shop and fitness center. Ours is a well-constructed community with upgraded countertops, stainless steel appliances, and in-unit washers and dryers. Each bedroom in our building has its own private bath, and we have on-site management. Our new community is open now for the first time apartment tenants. Apartments are filling fast, so contact The Standard at Knoxville today!

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