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Is Off Campus Student Housing Right For You?

Is Off Campus Student Housing Right For You?

Finding the perfect off campus student housing solution is a dream for many University of Tennessee, Knoxville, students. But, how do you know if off campus living is the right choice for you? Below you will find our new and improved guide to finding the perfect off campus apartment. Together, we will explore the benefits of living off campus, as well as the types of floor plans that will best suite a wide variety of student needs.

Top 3 Benefits to Off Campus Student Housing

So, you’re ready to start thinking about living off campus. First and foremost you are going to need to prove to your parents that living off campus is the best solution for you. Here are the top three benefits that many University of Tennessee students enjoy when they are living away from the campus dormitories.

1.  Gain a new sense of independence.

Living off campus will encourage you to embrace life both as a student and as a young adult. You can say goodbye to the imposing restrictions of a resident hall, while gaining the freedom needed to set your own rules. You’ll be able to experience first hand the responsibilities that come with living off campus, such as: paying bills on time, discovering that you can eat out every night if you want to, making trips to the grocery store, figuring out the best mode of transportation, and so much more!

2.  Enjoy the freedom of living with more space.

Living off campus means that you can have access to larger living quarters, including: a kitchen to call your own, private bathroom, larger bedroom, and more storage. A larger living space also means that you are free to make your space your own with improved and varied decorating options. From buying furniture to hanging curtains, to having the room needed to install a big screen TV, off campus housing will give you the space you need to live and breathe.

3.  Say hello to a kitchen with your own food.

As an off campus resident you will always have access to your own kitchen. This means that you can say so-long to the resident hall cuisine, and hello to making food that brings you comfort and nutrition. Whether you decide to only use the microwave in your kitchen to heat up take-out food or turn into a gourmet chef, having your own kitchen is one of the top benefits to living off campus.

Learning What Floor Plan is Right For Your New Off Campus Student Housing Solution

The ideal off campus apartment will offer you access to a wide array of floor plans. From one bedroom to five bedrooms, we explore the perks that each space has to offer.

One Bedroom Apartment

This type of floor plan is ideal for someone who wants to live by themselves. It provides enough space to entertain friends, create a study nook, and enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of academia.

Two Bedroom Apartment

When you have two bedrooms, you can enjoy the perks of living with a roommate. A roommate allows you to enjoy the comfort of having someone to talk to late at night, a friend to study with, and companionship when you need it.

Three Bedroom Apartment

If you like to be surrounded by more than one friend, then the three bedroom floor plan is probably your ideal choice. You can still enjoy your own space, while having your friends conveniently located one room over.

Four and five bedrooms — If the thought of being alone doesn’t sound fun to you, then say hello to more roommates and enjoy the spacious four or five bedroom floor plans. These large floor plans have all of the living space that you need to make yourself feel at home, while still giving you the comfort of having your friends by your side.

No matter what floor plan you choose, know that you gain extra space and freedom when you live in a luxury apartment at The Standard at Knoxville. The Standard is the ideal off campus student housing solution for University of Tennessee, Knoxville, students. To learn more call, email, or schedule an appointment today!

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