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As a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, student you are constantly packing your life into boxes and moving throughout the year. It starts with the move back to campus in the fall and finishes with your move home in the summer. With all of this moving, purchasing furniture for your off campus apartment can seem like a bit of a dilemma. Fortunately, there are now apartments for rent that are furnished, right here in Knoxville, Tennessee! Read on to discover the top benefits of furnished apartments for rent.

Living in a furnished apartment can be a true blessing for many college students. Gone will be the days of stressing about storing your couch and bed for the summer. So long Craigslist, it was nice knowing you and not-so-nice selling my furniture at half its value every year. But wait, are you still on the fence about furnished apartments for rent? If so the following top three benefits are just for you!

1. You don’t have to hire movers because you don’t have to take it with you.

When you live in a furnished apartment you can kiss the days of hiring movers (or begging your friends to help you load and drive the U-Haul) goodbye! Instead, you simply leave all of the furniture behind when you move out.

2. You can still make your apartment you, but also save a little money too!

If you add up your yearly apartment decorating costs, you might be surprised to see that you spend a lot of money on apartment furnishings each year! The beauty of a furnished apartment for rent is that it cuts down on your decorating expenses. A few simple DIY projects can easily transform your furnished apartment into your unique space. From beautiful curtains to cute throw pillows, decorating your new apartment will take less time and become a less expensive endeavor.

3. Save time and energy!

Generally speaking, the three worst parts about moving are:

  1. Finding out what items are in each box (i.e. misplacing your most important items during the move).

  2. Figuring out how to arrange your items in a new space.

  3. Determining what doesn’t make the cut and needs to consequently be thrown out.

Furnished apartments for rent eliminate the majority of the above “moving atrocities.” Instead, you can enjoy keeping all of your cherished items when you move into a space that is already arranged. All you have to do is hang your pictures, curtains, and whatever wall accessories you do decide to keep, which makes for one simple moving experience.

If you are interested in furnished apartments for rent, or to learn more about the luxurious apartments at The Standard at Knoxville, please call, email, or schedule an appointment today!

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